A Perfectly Reasonable Amount of Schadenfreude about Things Happening to Trump & His Enablers

Better if they do it while he’s still in Florida. That would force their asshole governor into a devil’s choice: Give up Trump to the Feds and kiss his chance of any higher public office goodbye, or shelter him, and kiss his chance of any higher office goodbye. DeSantis is screwed either way. Plus, it puts the disgraced, twice-impeached former president basically under house arrest. If he leaves the state he gets arrested immediately.

That’s not even getting into Yellen ordering his detail to drag his fat ass onto a plane at Patrick AFB.

I can’t imagine they’d announce anything - that makes no sense. And if there’s a a fear factor, I guess the rest of us could figure that out if he decides not to leave FL at all. I’d bet on him not trying to show that, possibly to his detriment.

I’m afraid that I don’t understand how DeSantis is screwed if he doesn’t allow Trump to be extradited. I’d love for DeSantis to be collateral damage, but it seems he’d be hailed as a hero. Can you expound on that?

DeSantis has higher aspirations. “The base” is now down to about 25%. If he shields the disgraced, twice-impeached former president, he’ll lose every other voter in a national election. That kind of shit may be catnip to the crazies, but it’s ammo galore for any and every person running against him.

Could he get re-elected in Florida? Sure. That state’s just as fucking loony as he is. But the national stage, after what we’ve been through? No way. The big donors would shut him out.

Ah, okay, I get it now. I was thinking “higher office” was continuing to be governor. Thanks.

Just heard Trump referred to as ‘Pumpkin Boobs’ so my day is going well.

I think you’ve just made everyone’s day better.

Except for pumpkins.

That painting on the wall behind him, OMFG. The man’s vanity knows no bounds.

I’m pretty sure that’s one of the ones his “charitable foundation” purchased. I think he’d put them up for auction for a charity and then his foundation purchased them so he wouldn’t be embarrassed when no one else did. (Disclaimer: I could be misremembering this or conflating two stories, but I don’t feel like looking it up to find out, either.)

You’re talking here about a man who had fake Time magazine covers made up, framed them, and hung 'em on the wall, boyo. I have little doubt whose picture was on the Resolute desk when he occupied the Oval Office, the one(s) facing him – not the ones on the credenza facing the camers.

Spoiler tags people! At least a warning?

(hopefuly the final post about the fucking painting)

Crazy coincidence that only a couple days ago I was on futile internet quest for a half-decent vintage (50s?) Fred Perry Foundation v-neck sweater with red and blue trim, and lo and behold, Don’s sporting the fucking thing. This is an unforgivable travesty to all FPF sweaters. Probably puked on it.

Well, you could already see it in post 1555…

The New York state Attorney General’s office has announced that it is conducting a criminal investigation against the Individual 1 Organization.

I was just coming to post that:

Why is the New York AG investigating the Manhattan DA?

Because of poor grammar and word choice?

First they came for those with poor grammar and word choice, and I tried to say something but my handwriting is atrocious and no one could understand what the hell I was trying to tell them.

i am sooooo very using this!