A *phantom* birthday

Some time ago I introduced you all, via a thread I started in MPSIMS ("Introducing … my mommy!), to … um, well, yeah. My mommy. She responded to the thread and tried to say hello to all you wonderful people.

About a minute or so later she realized how fruitless this was and said something like “I can’t keep up. To everyone else: HELLO!”

Despite the fact that her first words to me on the board were “Patrick, you nitwit”, I have yet to cause her mysterious disappearance, which is a pretty good thing because if I had done such, there would be no celebration today of…MY MOMMY’S 46TH BIRTHDAY!!!

Yes, troopers, that’s right. The woman who spawned me, who carried me under her heart for nine long months, almost ten, was born today.

Er, today back in 1956. I mean, she was born on April 56, 1956. It’s not like this day got recycled or anything.

What’s that you say? Stop channeling Rue? Aw, but people like him! They even let him stalk 'em! When’s the last time I got to…

Oh, right. The point of this thread.

So anyway, today my mommy’s present from nature was a big fat headache. She’s currently sleeping it off, so I’m hoping I can surprise her, when she wakes up, with lots of people (NOT RUNNING NAKED THROUGH THE THREAD) saying hi and stuff:)

One day a year, folks. That’s all I ask:)[sub]And no, I’m not running nekkid through it either. My days of running naked where she can see me are loooooong since past us.[/sub]

April 56? Yeah, yeah, get the cheap shot outta the way early!

Happy B-day, Patrick’s Mommy! I won’t make the other cheap crack about him being your headache - that would be uncalledfor. I do hope you’re feeling better soon and that you have a happy day.

And I think it should be a tradition that kids clean the house for moms on their birthdays. Is that too much to ask?!?

<tossing confetti with wild and reckless abandon>

April 26. 26, 26, 26.[sub]Consarnit.[/sub]

As for cleaning the house … as I said a few weeks ago, we compete on the olympic level for messiness of houses. I think that’d be a “You don’t have to give me anything ever again if you clean to house” type of thing:D


Happy Birthday, phantomdiver! I recently met your son in Chicago, and, well, let’s just say I can understand why you might have a headache today. :smiley: Seriously, though, he’s a great kid and a credit to your child-rearing skills. May you have a happy 46th, and many more.

Isn’t that 30 days from now? :slight_smile:

Swampbear clears throat and tunes up…mimimimimimimi


Thank You Thank You Thank You

swampbear: she already HAS a headache. We aren’t trying to exacerbate the current one;)

[sub]When she wakes up, she’s gonna have such a surprise…[/sub]

Happiest of birthdays, phantomdiver! It was lovely talking to you on the phone back in January. Sorry punha gave you a headache… :wink:

Wow, I’m almost old enough to be 'Punha’s Mommy[sup]*[/sup].

Happy Birthday Mama Punha!
[sup]*Band name?[/sup]

Happiest of birthdays, phantomdiver!

I hope your day, AND your year, are filled with sunshine and roses and love!

(That is a HINT, Patrick…you may not be able to manage the sunshine, but the roses and love are doable. Well, the love is, even if the roses are a bit over your budget.)

Hope your headache gets better soon! Birthdays give ME a headache, too.



Happy Birthday Mommy-type lady!

46? You don’t look a day over 40. :smiley:

When I glanced at the title, I thought this would be a thread about having a birthday obliterated by crossing the International Date Line. Glad to see it’s not the case.


Here’s hoping your year is filled with love, happiness, fun, and all that good stuff! :slight_smile: (yes, Patrick, it’s a hint: make sure your mom has fun and good stuff happening to her all year!)

I’d do the Chinese version of “Happy Birthday” my friends do, but I don’t know it. But I hope you feel better soon… not much of a birthday present, is it?

[sub]Just had to bump this back up to near the top of the page… :)[/sub]

It’s my birthday too. Happy birthday, us.

Happy birthday, Mrs Punha! :slight_smile:

Woo, and a happy birthday to Monster!

I think my mommy liked it.

Oh, and whoever brought the goat? There’s a special “birthday” bag waiting for you at the door. I think it might still be warm;)

You know, I responded to all this. I don’t know where my response went to. I’ll have to write it all again. <sigh>

Thank you, FairyChatMom, Wisest Novel, swampbear, Pucette, ShibbOleth, Scotticher, Tattva, Flamsterette_X, Monster104, Wicked Blue – and of course my beloved iampunha.

FairyChatMom, if I asked my kids to clean up the house for my birthday, I’d never get another present. Didn’t iampunha mention that we compete in messiness on the Olympic level? He wasn’t kidding. – Well, okay, he was about the competition part. But if there were an Olympic event in house messiness, we would be strong contenders.

Wisest Novel, thanks for the lovely compliment! I’m not sure how much of iampunha’s sterling character is due to his dad and me and what parts of it we really, really don’t want to take credit for . . . but he’s definitely one of my favorite people!

swampbear, it was lovely. Just lovely. <takes cotton out of ears>

[B}Pucette**, likewise, I’m sure! You have a lovely phone voice! Guys, too bad you can’t tell that on the boards . . .

ShibbOleth, you may have something there – both about the band name and about being old enough. Are you older than 32? Then you are old enough to be iampunha’s mom. Depending on your own physical configuration and history, of course.

Scotticher, thanks so much for the kind wishes! I hate to rain on your parade by disagreeing with them, but heck, it’s what I do, so – I don’t really like dead flowers, so it’s just as well that nobody in my family got me any. And I like my birthday. I like being my age. I am perfectly public with it. In fact, I don’t understand why anybody wouldn’t like his or her birthday. Getting older is great!

Thank you, Tattva – but yes, I do look 46. And a good thing, too!

Flamsterette_X, what on earth is the Chinese version of Happy Birthday?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MONSTER104!!! Isn’t it the best possible day to have a birthday? Don’t you feel sorry for non-4/26 types?

And last but certainly not least – thank you, iampunha. This was a terrific present! Much better than roses, housecleaning, etc.! You done great! I’m really touched – and not just in the head, either, you ungrateful wretch of a child! <hugs her firstborn>

Happy belated birthday, phantomdiver! Hope it was a very enjoyable one! :slight_smile:
[sub]My goodness, I’m two years older than punha’s mom! :eek: [/sub]