A pinch and a punch.

Because it is the first of the month I have been abused 3 times today. Once before my eyes were barely open (damn the child).

Where did “a pinch and a punch for the first of the month” originate?

Was “a kick and a flick for being so quick” from the same time…or just revenge from those who were sick of pinches and punches?

I remember it as “a pinch to grow an inch, and a punch for a good lunch.” This way given to someone on their birthday, ONLY ON THEIR BIRTHDAY. Can you call the Elder Abuse hotline, and have them investigate what’s going on at your place. :smiley:

Elder abuse! Hmmpf!

Maybe Kiwis are the only ones that pinch and punch monthly. How odd.

No, we did that in England too, when I was a kiddly.

Except the rejoinder was “A punch and a kick for being so quick”. Much more violent.

*A pinch and a punch for the first of the month * was certainly common here in Sydney when I was a schoolboy, and my nephews assure me that it’s still practised in the schoolyard. I’ve never experienced it as an adult though.

“A kick in the groin for being annoying” and they don’t do it again.

When I was a youngster growing up in New Zealand, it was something that I knew of but no one ever seemed to do it.

Hey it’s not like I did it. Three seperate children did it to me…and I only flicked and kicked the one that belongs to me :smiley:

(How exciting my first ever “post”! ok, deep breath, here goes …)

We (Northern England) had a handy way of avoiding any of these nasty “kick in the groin” style comebacks - “A pinch and a punch for the first of the month (dramatic pause) and no returns of any sort!”

Still haven’t answered the original question tho’, sorry.

(was that ok ?)

Yes :). As a fellow scaredy cat I would like to say welcome to the boards.

Why thank you :slight_smile:

No one mentioned the rabbit.

Please say I don’t have to punch a rabbit, I kicked and flicked the child. Surely that is enough violence for the month!

White rabbits white rabbits white rabbits ?

Now I have to pinch and punch rabbits?


Cat Jones, as my first ever girlfriend to join the SMDB you get to come home this evening and with a little luck, find your dinner ready for you !

Of course this offer doesn’t apply to every new member!


Ponster You are a slut :smiley: