I just saw the videotapes of John Gotti (in solitary confinement at Federal Prison, Marion IN). I was sickened! They are treating the poor guy like an animal! He has ONE hour (that’s right folk!) a day to leave his cell-he can’t even get a decnt pizza!
I’d like to know why the Fedral zeolots were so keen to treat this poor man so inhumanely (he nevr killed anyone, to my knowledge)!
Seems to me AMNESTY INTERNATINAL ought to get involved!

I don’t believe solitary confinement for most of the day would be considered a sufficiently egregious case of “cruel and unusual punishment” for Amnesty International to become involved.

If you want to know the issues that Amnesty International considers important in U.S. prisons, you can go readthis article.

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I just came out of the blissfulness of lurkers paradise, to say: THIS IS THE MOST DESPERATE PLEA FOR ATTENTION I HAVE EVER SEEN POSTED HERE!!!

Ya know, Cumbersome, dis is a nice little candy store ya got here. Be a shame if somethin’ should happen to it. Ya know?

Release John Gotti?

Ummm, did one of us seem to forget all of the crimes this guy was involved in. Prison isn’t supposed to be a day care or a playground. Break the law, deal with the consequences.

Well, shut my mouth. It’s also illegal to put squirrels down your pants for the purposes of gambling.

I have no problem with Gotti being in solitary. I do have a problem thinking that there are people out there who don’t believe that Gotti hasn’t at least had people killed.

I don’t completely not disbelieve all the negatives you didn’t neglect to de-omit from that sentence. :wink:

Just to clarify: are you saying Gotti has had people killed, or that he has not?

Laugh hard; it’s a long way to the bank.

Reading the title of this thread, I thought
“Release John Gotti” was another euphemism for trouser snake, well…considering the dick haiku fever that is rampant around here, wouldn’t you?

Have you ever been to Marion? Personally I’d rather be inside prison than out of it, if I was forced to live in Marion.

Apparently even Ravenna’s dropped this cause.

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::snort:: NO! No more trouser snake euphemisms…we had enough in the chat room last night! ACK!

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Funneefarmer, having read the offending post walks over to the bookshelf. He takes the large grammar text from the shelf and drives to the nearest English teacher. “Miss, I have made a grammatical faux-pas. Would you beat my buttocks bloody with this book ?” An hour later he emerges disheveled but grinning. The teacher calls after him. “You’ve got a dangling participle there. Zip it up before someone sees it.”

Who or what is Ravenna?


Apparently, www.gotti.com (where Miss Ravenna used to extoll Gotti’s praises) has shut down.

was the OP meant as sarcasm/humor?

O p a l C a t

Uh, give Mumia a second trial, sure. Release Gotti? Please! If for no other reason the guy should be behind bars on principle: for being both inept (apparently he wasn’t a very good godfather) and for talking smack about one of the few guys who could put him behind bars (and that’s part of the reason he’s there). Not that I’m an expert on the Mafia- but I did watch the Discovery channel’s “expose” on the Mafioso :slight_smile:
Besides, Mullinator’s right- you break the law, you pay the price. Many’s the time I considered commiting a crime just felonious to get myself put behind bars, so I could get myself a college degree, in my own sweet time (sadly, they changed the law a few years ago :frowning: ).
A lot of prisoners have it better than myself and many of my college friends- prisoners get free workout equipment, free cable TV, free education (to an extent), they have libraries, nobody expects anything from them (and whenever they DO do anything “good” they get a pat on the back)…
I’m probably showing my ignorance of the realities of the prison system. But, it really gets my hackles up when somebody tries to fight for the rights of prisoners, many of whom already have it too good based on their past actions…

My $.02