A poem for Katie

I just wanted to gauge how this came off before I show her. I don’t want to seem creepy, even if at heart I am. It’s short. If you think it’s gay go ahead and tell me so.

To capture the moment with you, in another life, is not enough. My hands keep shifting, my heart still.
Still thinking about you.
Still dreaming about you.
It’s fate, she’s not feeling well but I will care to her. From her voice a lie never birthed.

Come closer. Please hear me.

I will show you a corpse of my evils, and I will wash your hands of the blood.
I promise you both of mine. I love you.

I think you accidentally posted this on the wrong message board.


Super gay, brah.

Nothing creepy about a love poem that mentions corpses and blood!


I’m reminded of what my mother said about when she was dating my father. Make of this what you will.

“He swept me off my feet. He wrote me poem after poem. No one had ever done anything like that for me.”

Gee, mom, that’s actually kind of sweet. Do you still have any of the poems?

“God, no. I threw them all out. Your father was a terrible poet!”

Better to simply write down your thoughts in prose form.

Both of your bloods, eh? How generous of you.

Needs more cowbell.

It’s certainly a lot better than the limp rhyming crap that I was bracing myself to read after seeing that thread title. And it does kind of amuse me to attempt to picture in my mind the kind of girl who would really dig receiving this poem. But I don’t understand the “I will care to her” part. Did you drop a word there?