A Poll for the Ladies (that the guys might want to read too:)

Hey folks,
This question is for the ladies:)
I have tried to ask many female friends what really, to use a cliche’, turns them on about their guys. The reason I am curious, is that I have seen so many diverse types of relationships, odd pairings and such, I am curious to get a broad idea of what women like about their men, and what keeps them happy with them. I guess I have seen to many “Springer” episodes with dysfunctional psychopathic guests, that I’d like some positive examples. :wink:

Many thanks

What turns me on about my LIONsob ?

Well he’s tall, he has hair on his chest, but not on his back. He has beautiful soft brown eyes.

He knows when, where, and how to touch me (of course if he didn’t know after 22 years, we would be in trouble).

The way he eats ice cream cones drives me insane (I have a dirty mind). He is more concerned with pleasing me sexually than he is with being pleased.

Now for the mushy stuff.

When we had been together for one week , my niece who was 8 months old at the time needed someone to take care of her. He never batted an eye, he just said of course he didn’t mind if we took her. We raised her until she was 5. He treated her like his own child. That showed me heart lurking inside that 6 foot tall, long haired bearded man.

All of that plus he is fantsatic in bed is what turns me on about him.

I sending this topic to IMHO, the designated fourm for opinions and polling. I hope this isn’t one of your “turn-offs.”

It seems to me that that would be more a lot more conclusive.

Sometimes, when I’m just gazing at my honey while he’s doing something mundane, I realize what a great guy I have…

We’d been dating less than a month, I was spending the weekend at his place for the first time and - dammit all! - my period was around the corner. I thought it best to be upfront with him about a possible change in our plans and that I might not be in the best mood a day or two before this. What does he do? Bake me fab-BOO Death-By-Chocolate brownies to get me throught my PMS. I knew right then he was a keeper.

Just one of the MANY signs his Mama raised him right - and if the person you’re dating or are married to turned out great because of their parents’ efforts (not “in spite of”), be sure to thank them for a job well done!

Lovin’ My Kick-Ass Mother-in-Law,

Just when I was going to give up on men, I found the most wonderful guy on the face of this earth.

Why is he so wonderful, you ask?

Because he’s genuinely NICE. He is Considerate (like, uh, he often buys me cheesecake - although possibly this is just to pacify my fleeting temper tantrums - but that’s another matter entirely). He still farts, though, which, well, sometimes they are painful, but I just keep in mind that my time will come for revenge. :slight_smile:

The most important thing, though, is that he gives me lots of hugs. Hugs are just plain super!

My last boyfriend was absolutely wonderful…we only broke up because we live in different places - if things go well, we will be together again once school starts, and we are planning on seeing each other over the summer.

Anyway, I fell for him because of his crazy sense of humor. He isn’t afraid to tell dorky jokes and put himself on the line to make me smile. He is shy around others, but around me his personality just explodes and he makes me so happy. He is considerate and we have a very easy intimacy - being honest with him is no problem. The things I used to be wary of sharing, I look forward to telling him. He makes me feel secure and safe and loved.

Geez, I really miss hime right now! :frowning: