A poll to see how old I should now feel.

  1. 23
  2. Yep. I broke one once trying to reach my hand through it to unlock the car door when we were locked out.
  3. I don’t know that I ever knew what they were called. But I knew exactly what you were talking about.
  1. 38
  2. Yes
  3. We call 'em wing windows.

I’ve also heard them referred to as vent windows by folks from back East (anywhere east of Montana :wink: ).

  1. 43
  2. Yes
  3. I don’t really remember any specific name for them
  1. 32
  2. Yep
  3. Front windows is what my dad called them in his old pickup.
  1. 20
  2. My dad’s old lincoln (ummm… 1980’s? maybe older?) had some little triangle-shaped windows right behind the back windows, right where the roof sloped down to meet the back of the car. That’s what pops into my mind when I read the phrase, but I have no clue if I ever heard them called that.
  1. 45
  2. Hell yes
  3. We called them vents, and the other useful purpose they served was to deflect wind around the main window so you could have the main window down at highway speed. This dramatically reduced wind noise in the front seat but made life hell on back seat hair.
  1. 51
  2. Yes
  3. wings
  1. 41

  2. absolutely

  3. I just called it a vent window

  1. 26
  2. yes
  3. vent windows. I only seem to remember them on trucks, though.

I guess you should feel any age you want.


  1. 41
  2. Yep
  3. Vent windows

36, yes, vent windows.

My dad had vent windows on his '69 AMC Ambassador. I remember that they were always hard to get completely closed - there was this little latch you had to turn that would grab a prong and pull the window shut, but it was hard to get the latch to turn over the prong. So the wind was always whistling through them, even during winter when it was three degrees out.



Wing window or just wing. The last vehicle I had with them was my '90 or '91 Trooper.

I knew what you were talking about
I had no name for them though. Triangular windows maybe.