What do you call quarterlight windows?


I can’t remember the last time I saw a new car with these handy little windows. I was out in the MGB today, and I opened them. As a child, my parents called these ‘wind-wings’; so that’s what I call them.

What do you call them?

ETA: Merriam-Webster defines ‘wind-wing’ as ‘a small panel in an automobile window that can be turned outward for ventilation’.


I just called them vent windows.

vent windows.

my '84 F-250 was the last vehicle I owned with them.

Vent windows, or maybe wing windows.

I’m familiar with them but I have no special term for them.

Vent, me too.

Vent windows for $800, Alex.

Always known as a vent window. Wind wings are these things you add on:

See also the definition linked in the OP. :wink:

Those dumb angled windows that are impossible to clean with a squeegee at the gas station.

Or vent windows.

That’s not a category, Mr. Connery.

My parents called them “no-drafts”.

Cigarette windows!! I didn’t even have smokers in my family and that’s what we called them. I wish cars still had them. I love having my windows open but it’s usually too noisy and windy and the vents we have now just aren’t the same.

We called them wing vents in Baltimore in the 60s.

Wind wings.

(I miss them.)

I remember the windows, but don’t remember them being called anything at all.

Never heard any other term than wing window. A vent was the thing down by your feet you opened and closed with a push/pull lever on the bottom of the dash. Haven’t had a car with either since I owned a Ford Fairmont back in the 80’s.

Car guy here.

I’ve lived in several regions. Car people always call them wing windows.:smiley:

Those were cigarette windows, because they sucked out the smoke and ashes really well.

My dad called them wing windows, but I used to call them vent windows. I haven’t had a car with “vent” windows for lo these many years…