A possible identity-theft scam?

A couple days ago, I got a phone call. On the other end was a guy with a very thick accent (I mention this because that’s the reason why I stayed on the line so long… I was trying to figure out what he said). He told me that my phone number was randomly selected to win a free cell phone. I thought that sounded odd, but figured that maybe someone else in my family had entered a contest at a mall or something.

Anyway, I listened for a while, gave him my name, confirmed my address (he already had this listed… I wouldn’t have given it out otherwise)… and then he asked me for my social security number and my driver’s license number.

This raised an alarm bell in my head. I spent a second thinking this over. I finally decided that this had gone on long enough. I told him that I don’t know my social security number, gave him a bullshit excuse that I had to leave to go to a meeting, and asked him to call back later that night. He didn’t. I figure, at best, I just lost a free cell phone (probably some POS, anyway).

However, I’m thinking… does this sound like an identity-theft scam? I can’t think of any reason why they’d need my driver’s license and social security numbers to give me some random prize (especially one as insignificant as a cell phone). What do y’all think? Did I luck out, or overreact?

Pretty much sounds like a scam to me. I would think you did the smart thing.

Yeah, sounds like you did the right thing. There’s no reason you’d have to give your social security number or driver’s license number for something like that.

Do you even have to ask. Yes, it was a scam. Rule of thumb:**NEVER give your SSN or DL# to anyone who solicits it from you in a cold call.

Wouldn’t be a bad idea to call the police and let them know, either. They like to keep track of scams being run in the area, don’tcha know.