A possibly misleading climate change article I read

I was recently reading an article on sea levels based on C02 levels. One of the statement read something like. The last time C02 levels were as high as is projected for the end of the century seal levels were about 50 ft higher than they are now.

Is this a meaningful statement without also looking at other green house gases including water vapor?

Seals packed 50’ deep, that IS scary!

So probably at that time there wasn’t as much ice in the world–and of course it will take a very long time for most of this ice to melt.

If anything, the projections are too moderate. For example, as the earth warms, pockets of frozen methane, which is a far more potent greenhouse gas than CO2, are thawing and being released into the atmosphere. Many projections don’t even take this side event into account, and that includes The Paris Climate Accord.

Methane in the Atmosphere IS Surging


It’s CO2 not C02. The O is for oxygen.

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