A pre-emptive 24 rant

Nope! I’m speaking of the Jarster herself. I’ve never seen “24”, so I can’t speak as to whether Kim is ‘one hell of a sexy asskicker’ or not.

I strongly suspect, however, that Kim’s not 7 feet tall and green with huge gazongas and prone to run about in skimpy bikinis.

Because if she is, I’ll start watching.




Well, Fenris my man, there is running and skimpiness, but I’m afraid your other descriptors are right out. Have you considered a personal ad?

May I add that I love the term “gazongas” and feel that it is underused. I yield the floor.

Well, jarbaby, I hope things were better for you than they were for us here in Nashville. Because there is a flake of snow on the ground, we have school closings. So when George is talking to the new gal, the screen suddenly turns yellowish and the sound goes to mono. “…the hell?” thinks I. Then the screen shrinks for about 2 minutes while they show the 5, count 'em 5, county school systems that are closed. Dammit! The news comes on right after this show! Make people watch the news for updates! 24 doesn’t need the ratings boost your wonderful technology will provide!

[minor hijack]

Even though I don’t watch 24, I feel your pain. I missed about 10-15 minutes of Alias Sunday because the freaking transmitter went out or something. The worst part was that I missed a Jennifer Garner workout scene!

[/minor hijack]

So, jar, did you get your 24 goodness?

If by 7 feet tall you mean 5’4", and if by green you mean milky white, then yes. And while she hasn’t spent this season in a bikini, there was some mighty fine nipple action last week.

But seriously, I’m more of a Marie fan. Yes, the terrorists have already won. My heart.

Is Kim a useless character? Let’s review last night’s Kim thread:

She ends up in a house with Mr. Creepy. He shows her a bomb shelter. She tells him about the bomb. He pretends it already went off, and gets her alone in the shelter. He gets ready to rape her. Then he changes his mind, and says “Golly gee, do you think I could be your boyfriend?” She says no. He then pulls out a gun, menacingly, and makes sure it’s loaded. Then he says “Here, you might need this.” She leaves. He looks sad.

WTF?!? I want those 15 minutes back.

Can anyone tell us if the Chicago FOX station is still broadcasting? Or is it experiencing “technical dificulties”?


I enjoyed my hot hot, 24 action, uninterrupted. It was lovely, and even included a bitchslap.

Overall, I’m pleased.

Still picking up nothing, Trion. All alone here on the Internet, but at least there’s a lot of Spam :wink:

On the screen or IRL? Either way, I’m inclined to believe you :wink:

Are you trying to get me into your fallout shelter? 'Cause you’ll have to buy me dinner first.

Besides, if it turns out that we’re both guys, then that whole rebuilding-the-human-race thing just ain’t gonna work.