A pre-emptive 24 rant

Dear City of Chicago:

I will warn you once, and I will warn you thusly:

Do not pre-empt 24 tonight. DO NOT DO IT. I don’t give a fucking iguana’s throat fan what the early mayoral election returns are. There’s nothing you can tell me between eight and nine that you can’t tell me at 9:01.


Do NOT break in and ‘join 24 already in progress’

Do not do it Channel 32. DO NOT.

Watch it.

You do realize, of course, that somewhere deep in the IT bowels of a Chicago media conglomerate there is a fanboy staring at your post, becoming very angry at your She-Hulk impersonation, and starting the process of pre-empting it entirely.

How the hell can you do a show about one day?? Dumbest. Premise. Ever.

:rolleyes: thanks for the input.

Hey, we’re nothing if not helpful :smiley:

I think they should have picked up right where the first one left off. I’m sure 12 one hour episodes of Mr. Sutherland sleeping would have drawn in the ratings.

Q.E.D., just who were you asking about this and why?
jbj, out of curiosity, have you been able to keep up by catching the new episodes on FX? I think that’s pretty handy of them.

rhe·tor·i·cal (r-tôr-kl, -tr-) adj.

  1. Of or relating to rhetoric.
  2. Characterized by overelaborate or bombastic rhetoric.
  3. Used for persuasive effect: a speech punctuated by rhetorical pauses.


What is “24?” And none of those too cute, “It’s 2X12,” kinda things.

First of all, jarbabyj, you have my best wishes for a completely unblemished hour of “24” tonight. I love the show too and would hate for it to be pre-empted.

However, as a member of The Fenris Squad of Comic Book Nit-Pickers, I need to point out that She-Hulk doies not talk that way. When Shulkie goes green she does not get stupid.

That’s all. :slight_smile:

Thanks Trion :smiley:

It’s a TV show.

If Elisha Cuthbert has a significant role in tonites episode, AND she is wearing a bra, there will be a piece of fruit thrown at my TV.

Do I get an “Amen” people?

Well, sort of an Amen. I mean, if there’s a chance of her being ‘sexually menaced’ by Kevin Dillon, I’m willing to put up with her being in the episode.

How much of a geek am I? I’m disappointed that Trion beat me to it!


I’m not. Her whole part is too damned contrived to allowed to survive. Or the character, really.

If Jesus really loved me, Kim would have been “menaced” by that damn mountain lion.

Sorry there Max. I’ll let you get the next one. :wink:

But she is one hell of a sexy asskicker, so I found the Jarbaby’s portrayal of the character nuanced and apt.

And hot. Yow! :eek: :stuck_out_tongue:

Fenris, Rant critic.

Fenris, I thought for a split second there that you were talking about Kim, the know-nothing, do-nothing, get-myself-in-trouble -constantly-in-really-stupid-ways character from “24”.

(Q.E.D., putting smileys after all your posts doesn’t make them any more appropriate or wanted in this thread. You don’t like “24” - go start your own rant.)