A process question: tracking real estate

I’m Canadian and trying to trace a piece of property sold in Florida in the early '90s. I’m not sure whether the records would be held municipally, federally, etc.

It’s slightly more complicated than that, in that I don’t know the exact address of the property, only the county/city.

Who would I approach for assistance? We have reason to believe a family member falsified documentation to sell property to which he was not legally entitled.

Thanks for any suggestions.



In Colorado, this information is recorded with the County Clerk. I’m betting that’s the same everywhere in the US.

Depending on how helpful they are, you may not need an address. If they are computerized, any previous owner name should allow them to find a link in the chain of title.

Call the County Clerk in the county it is located. You should be able to find their number on line. In fact, all of this info may be available on line. What County is it?

I work for the GIS department for a county in Colorado. My wife works for the assessor.

It’s in Pinellas County, the city of Indian Rocks Beach. Thanks for the response!

Most Florida counties have an online database of properties and their sale history. It would really help if you knew the address of the property. Here are some Pinellas County sites I found from a search that might help you:

Property Database search:

Clerk of Court:

General County site (would have phone #'s, etc.):