A prophet is not honored in his home village, or, Sua can't get lucky in NYC


If it’s UncleBill who ‘serviced’ Falcon, why is it that Sua got the smooch???

If I weren’t married, I’d suggest you move to St. Paul… oh, well.

Alas, wring, I can only WISH I’d been serviced by UncleBill. :wink:

hell, I’m just trying to keep all the players straight, since they’ve admitted they are… :smiley:

Well, Sua, if you came to the NYC Thursday Bar Nights every once in a while, things might start looking up for you :wink:


Did you not read in the BLS handbook that no one will want you unless you graduate from a real law school, like NYU or Columbia? “No one” does not just refer to law firms–apparently, love’s out the question as well. It took 5 long years after I graduated to hook a man from Columbia Law School (a guy from NYU would have been really out of my league, I think)–and I haven’t let him go, even when he cries and chews at the ropes around his wrists.

Sending buckets of (platonic) love your way…


I’d do ya too Sua!

:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:


I’m sure you can find some in the “big city.” After all, isn’t New Yawk city one of the single woman capitols?

Sorry I can’t help you, Sua. I just wanted to use you for sex. Relationships just aren’t my thing right now.

Oh, yeah, when we gettin’ hitched, sweetcheeks?

(You can’t see, but I’m blowing kisses your way :))

Your Beautiful Fiancee Sarah

[sub]I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought you were a woman! Nice one, UncleBill.[/sub]

How dare you dis our alma mater, the “Harvard of Brooklyn”!!??!!

First I’ve heard of them - more scoop, please!

and Sara, I thought we ended our engagement over Maggie’s flirting with me (I, of course, never reciprocated :eek:)


Okay, fine, no more engagement.

Can I still have my way with you?


Eve lives in Jersey?

Oh, disillusionment…oh, my idols have feet of clay…

Someone catch me, I believe I have a touch of the vapors.

Oh, and Sua’s a keeper, ladies. Y’all should be dating the shit out of him.

Sua, apparently, there’s a swarm of beautiful young single Jewish women waiting to meet a man according to my family and friends in Brooklyn. I’m moving to Sheepshead Bay in two weeks, and when I went to check the new place out, three mothers and one father all begged to introduce me to their daughters in the neighborhood. I’m sure you’ll do fine down there…

Not sure I’d really wanna put you through that hell though…

Good luck, have you tried the personals? :wink:


We always referred to Harvard as the “Brooklyn of Cambridge.”


Sua: here is the NYC Thursday Bar Nights thread. You and Ike (and all other interested NY Dopers) are enthusiastically invited to join at least one of them :wink:

Now. Where were we…

This is pretty funny. Until about two years ago, my roommate was a (Conversative) rabbinical student, and as a result I kept Kosher in the house, understand the rules of Shabbos, have a good layman’s knowledge of the Talmud, etc. IOW, I was a fine rabbitsen.
My roomie was also the head of his synagogue’s young adult social activities, and as a result I met scores of extremely attractive, very available young Jewish women. 'Course, my roomie would never let me date them, as I wasn’t Jewish. :mad:

But with my old roommate long gone, I think I can fake being Jewish. :wink: