A prophet is not honored in his home village, or, Sua can't get lucky in NYC

It has gone beyond a coincidence, and is now a trend.

The last time I had sex in my own bed (or other location in my home), was December 1999.
Since then, I’ve:
had a two-month relationship down in Florida in February and March, 2000;
had a week-long fling in Washington D.C. in June;
had a one-night stand in Atlantic City in November; and
just ended a really lovely four-week relationship, again in Florida.

And I had always been told I was marriage material, not fling material. ::sigh:: On the plus side, I travel a lot for business! :slight_smile:


I’m saddened and appalled and I find this very hard to believe.

You were the first SDMB member to request oral sex from me, and I found that to be very sweet if not brave and monumental.

If I were unmarried and NYC I’d be happy to break your dry spell.

love always,


What, you can’t get the “fiancee” to travel to NYC, hon? :wink:

hugs FWIW, I’d do you. And I’m still planning on buying that beer when you come down, babe.

I’m really tempted to use this as a sig.


Okay, I’ve met this guy Sua, he’s handsome and talented and witty and of reasonable height and loaded with sav-hwar fare and is willing to ride the R train after midnight, so no excuses about how you live in a different borough.

NYC Doperettes, ONE of you’s got to be willing to give him some.

Sua. . .I’d do you to, but that’s not really a compliment 'cause I’m going on two weeks w/o sex and there is very little I wouldn’t do. I feel your pain.

I should follow up that statement by saying that I have a boyfriend and am obligated not to have sex w/ you Sua.

Gee . . . I was going to invite you to my candle-lit boudoir . . . But then I realized that I live over the river in New Jersey, so you STILL wouldn’t be having sex in New York. I knew you wouldn’t be interested . . .

The responses so far have been commiserating with me for my lack of “gettin any”. Actually, I’ve been getting enough sex (if there is such a thing :D). What I’ve been lacking is relationship or potential relationship sex. Even my relationships down in Florida where known by all parties to be doomed when they started.

Not that I’d turn down offers of sex of any kinds from NYC Doperettes. :slight_smile: (Or from anywhere else, for that matter.)


As a fellow traveller, I have freq flyer point out my ass. I can swing on up to NYC under the auspices of visiting my bro on the East Side, and come over and bang your gong all night long, dahlin’. I haven’t gotten any in New York City in six years, but that was with the then soon-to-be-ex.

Or if you want another lovely, yet open-ended Florida relationship, [Rod Roddy voice]COME ON DOWN!!![/Rod Roddy voice] The weather is GREAT!

I’m a true Southern gentleman in the light of day, so we could be seen in public, too! And you can see what I look like on the link below (I’m the one in white shorts).

Wadda ya say! A little SDMB Boink?

A real SMDB Relationship? Hey I’m open.

Sorry, UncleBill, I don’t swing that way - I’m straight. But thankee for the offer!!


I promised first dibs to Maeglin next time I get to NYC, babe. However, if his GF decides to take issue with that ('cause chicks are weird that way), I’d be honoured to put you on the CALL IMMEDIATELY list. :smiley:

Jee-zus . . . Ya can’t even get guys to come to New Jersey for SEX! I gotta think about movin’ . . .


Even if I were available, I just don’t know how I would be able to stomach the thought of you hopping on the train to visit Sua…for second dibs. That would just be too…weird. But I’m still flattered. :wink:

And Sua, I think a proverb explains why you can’t get any New York nookie. Women just don’t like to shit where they eat.



{whispers to Eve} So offer him sex in the office! There MUST be a stockroom back there someplace.

{Big Blue Genie Voice} Geez, Sua, I’m just trying to help you get a little poontang, here. Remember, I can’t make anyone fall in LOVE with ya…have you tried your local church groups? Pinochle clubs? {/Big Blue Genie Voice}

Sorry **Sua[\b], never seen a pic, didn’t know gender, assumed wrong. Ladies, ignore my proposition to Sua, please.

~The very straight UncleBill

Sua, wow, now you and I have even more in common.

And you actually had post-college sex in Washington, D.C.? I didn’t think anyone did that - one of the reasons I left.

snort Oh my lord…I’m so amused that someone thought Sua was a chick.

smooches Sua to make up for it And given MY luck with relationships, I’d advise staying away. :frowning:

Glad to be of service, Falcon.