A question about a TI-83+ graphing calculator

I have a TI-83+ calculator and I was wondering if anybody could tell me how to get the factorial function on it. I left my instruction book back home and am completly lost when it comes to remembering how to use this function. Thanks

I don’t have a TI-83 in front of me right now, but can you locate the math or probability menus? On the TI-89, the factorial is the first item in the probability menu (located inside the math menu).

Same on my Ti-85, MATH then PROB submenu then first item.

Here’s the manual in PDF format.


The factorial function is discussed in chapter 2 on page 34 of the PDF document.

Thanks a lot, that helped me to get it. If anybody else needs it you go into the hit the math key and scroll to the right and press enter. From there you will see it as it is option #4. Again, thanks a lot.