A question about Coupons and buying multiple items

I should know the answer to this, but since I rarely buy multiple items or use coupons, I don’t.

I have a coupon that is a dollar off a package of cookie dough. What happens if I buy two packages? I still only get a dollar off total, right? Or do I get a dollar off each?

The coupon doesn’t list a limit to the number you can buy, but say instead “one coupon per purchase of specified product(s). No other coupon may be used with this product.” Which to me sounds like I couldn’t buy one and try to use two coupons on it.

Could someone who does more of the grocery shopping than I do please enlighten me on how this works?

Generally it’s one coupon per item. If you buy two, you get the coupon once.

So if you bought two, you’d want to have two coupons to get the discount twice.

Although I recently heard that one local store (Ralphs maybe) was trying to limit one coupon per trip, regardless of how many of the product you bought. I haven’t verified that, and it just seems silly to me, and yet somehow unsurprising.

–scout, the shopper of the household