A question about dehyderating.

Can someone please tell me the industrial and non industrial methods of dehydration, I mean, I want to know any new methods rather than the usual sun drying/oven heating or dehydrators, I mean, I need a different method, thank you.


Are you actually trying to dehydrate something? I’ve got one of these. It works with heat and air flow. It seems to work pretty well although I’ve only used it to make sun dried tomatoes. I’ve heard that Alton Brown’s technique using furnace filters and a box fan is actually a pain in the ass and not particularly cost effective. The filters tend to get gunked up with the food/sauce.

I love the freeze dry Idea, I am looking into i now. :smiley:

@Derryl Lict
I did think about that, but I am looking for different methods, not traditional ones, thanks alot thow. xD