A Question About Drug Side Effects.

The CNN website is carrying a story about 2 arthritis drugs. These drugs seem to increase the risk for stroke and heart attacks, even if it is only a minor increase.
A doctor gave me some Vioxx for an arm injury, and I have to wonder about the side effects. Is the chance for a problem based on one pill at a time? Or are side effects the result of cumulative use? Or both?

I would imagine it would depend on how long you were on the drug and your age and current state of fitness.

In the first place, those side effects have not been established. One small study indicated the problems, but critics say there were flaws in the study. The other, larger, study, showed a slight increase but it was statistically insignificant.

If you’re taking Vioxx for an acute injury, you’re going to be on it for only a short time. Side effects, if any, would occur to chronic users in chronic pain, such as rheumatoid arthrtities, osteoarthritis, etc.

Far more important things to worry about.