A question about dvd's

If I was to burn .mpg’s, .avi’s, etc. onto a cd, and my dvd player has the capability to play video cd’s, would that work?

Probably not. I’d like to be proven wrong about this, however.

A “VideoCD” is a very specific format of its own, a precursor to the DVD; it includes executables as well as video data. See the VideoCD FAQ, VCDHelp and the DVD FAQ for details.

I don’t know whether there are DVD players that will play disks with collections of video files in the same way as some CD players will play disks with collections of audio files. It seems a useful feature.

You have to convert the mpeg, avi, etc to a specific format of mpeg. I don’t know the names of the software, but there’s at least 2 software programs out there that can convert it to the correct format… then you need a program to burn that mpeg into VCD format… I know for sure that Nero can do this…

There is still a chance it won’t work. My dad burned some VCDs of my nephew that worked in his DVD player but not in my sister’s. They found out that some DVD players cannot play recorded discs, something having to do with the reflectivity.

Some of the newer DVD players have the ability to play MP3s. I don’t think that the older ones do.

You can convert the MP3s to a CD format. I know that would work. Download.com had a ton of programs that will do that for you.

thanksfor the info. i know for suremy dvd player can play video cds. i just want to know how to turn these media files into a video cd format. i also know my dvd player can not play mp3 burned cds.