A question about links to commercial sites

I have heard people mention that it is against board policy to post links to commercial web sites. When I read the registration agreement the most relevant thing I see is this paragraph:

Advertisements, chain letters, pyramid schemes, and solicitations are not permitted on this BB and will be deleted. We will notify the Internet service provider of any party posting objectionable messages.

I have posted links to commercial sites as part of a discussion before. If memory serves someone was looking for some help in recovering deleted files from a hard drive and I pointed to a couple of sites that sell software to do that. No one seemed to have a problem with that. I’m just wondering what the line is.

Obviously Alex felchin’ Chui is bad and should be removed with prjudice. But what about answering someones question with a link to a commercial site. Say someone asks “Where can I find this book?”, and a friend of mine has it for sale on Ebay. Can I link to it?


In general, there’s three criteria: First of all, is the site relevant to the discussion at hand? Secondly, do you personally profit in any way from linking to the site? This could be the case if you own the site in question, or if the link you provide has an ID in it to somehow credit you, like with the immortal idiots. Thirdly, is the content of the site to which you’re linking appropriate for a family bulletin-board? In other words, no porn sites, or hate-crime sites, or the like. In your hypothetical case of a friend having a book on e-bay, even though you’re not profitting personally, it might be best to just tell the person that it’s on e-bay, and they can search for it.

If any administrator shows up to correct me on this, take their word for it, not mine.

We don’t want this site to be used to post information on multi level marketing plans, or direct sales, or any kind of commercial crap like that.

Your situation as outlined was different, unless you work for that company and you were trolling this board to directly petition for sales.

Which I bet you were not doing. So it was fine.

your humble TubaDiva

Thanks! Oh and if you guys want a free pair of magic levitating underwear all you have to do is convince 40 of your friends… oh what a minute… never mind.