A question about Metal Gear 2...SOLID!

I got this game and haven’t played it yet. I do have a question, is it a linear type game or do I have to go looking for crap all over the place? I hate those looking around in the dark games. Am I gonna like this one?

I’m more of a sports game fan and I liked this game.

You do have to search around to complete some tasks (e.g. diffusing bombs) but you do get a nice little radar.

The only thing I didn’t like about the game was all the cut scenes. You’d move a few steps or complete a task and someone would call you and explain what had to be done next. So in effect it is a mixture of linear and going around doing stuff. I think you’ll enjoy it and the graphics are really gorgeous.

Gamefaqs.com has more than you should know about it.

BTW, at ebgames.com or in store, find the MGS Interact book for $1.99, it comes with 2 cds,
one is a GS with codes for this game that works fine with no dongle & one is a disk with puzzle solutions on it. I bought a few of them myself.

I have NO idea what this post means!:smack:

visit gamefaqs.com ‘FAQS’= frequently asked questions they have FAQS for this game that you can read & you can read what people thing about it.
Some people cant figure that game out so Interact wrote them a pretty walkthrough manual & it costs $1.99 at ebgames.com

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I suggest you return the game, and then go rent it. It is not that long, and the "extras’ are not worth the price. Its not a bad game, but it could have been longer and more focused.

It might also be worth pointing out that this fall they are coming out with Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance, which is the original game plus VR missions, and a ton more extra stuff.

Thats the thing with MGS2: great gameplay, nice movies, confusing-as-hell plot. You’re better off ignoring the last one and just appreciating the first two.

I’m with smiling bandit; return the game. I beat it in one day and was rather disappointed.

It took me about 3 days to beat which made me glad I rented it instead of buying it. Here’s what I didn’t like about MGS: 2.

A profound lack of variety in levels. I really resented having to go through the same areas over and over again. There was really no reason why we couldn’t have a game with a greater variety of levels.

To many cut scenes and not enough play time. At times it seemed like every other step I took resulted in some sort of cut scene. Worse yet the plot is really weak and actually makes very little sense. How and why would the USMC conduct secret Metal Gear trials without the knowledge of the NAVY? I especially hate how preachy the series can get at times.

Despite those two big flaws I give the game a very high rating. When you actually get to play the game instead of watching a movie it is very entertaining and well done.


I spent a vacation watching my ex (then-SO) play this game. It played a minor part in our breakup.

Even though he wasn’t that great, he was able to complete it within Blockbuster’s rental time. I couldn’t understand why he wanted to, though–most of the levels involved going around the same places and looking for/doing different things in them. There were, IIRC, perhaps two or three different scenes in which ALL the action took place.

I wouldn’t recommend that you buy the game. It might be a good rental, though.

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