A question about Round up and corn...

When I was 14 I started detasseling corn. I detasseled in fields sprayed with Round up and these farmers bought their corn from Monsanto. Now I am 27 and for the first time on a fully organic GMO free diet. I have really bad asthma and most of my life I was on steroids as well. I am fully off all prescription meds. I just smoke marijuana and eat organically that is it. Over the past month I Have been having random stomach pain and some intestine pain. Also when I shower or sweat occasionally my skin will start burning. Exactly how it would in the corn fields when I detasseled corn. I Never felt that feeling before now except when I was in the corn field directly. The companies I worked through all said everything was safe. Any ideas on what could be going on? Could this be from 4 summers in a corn field? Anyone else have these experiences?

Maybe from the drugs you take?


Marijuana is not a drug it is a plant. I use it to treat asthma.

You *smoke *something to treat asthma? That’s a novel approach.

Sooo, you use something to treat a medical condition but it is not a drug? Plants can have negative side effects too. What age did you start smoking for recreational use?


I know you want to blame round-up and the “supremely evil” Monsanto, but that’s not the source of your problem.

I dont think you will believe me and I suspect your mind cannot be changed. Your conditon can be caused by any number of things…I wonder, will you accept that your marijuana use is the cause? If not, why not? It certainly has more chemicals than roundup, and your exposure to marijuana is more recent and more concentrated than anything Monsanto has made.

Can you be honest and tell me that you would consider that round up is not the cause, and that your smoking may be, or something completely unrelated may be the cause? If a doctor tells you this will you accept it or will you dismiss it?

From the Material Safety Data Sheet on Roundup (http://www.energy.ca.gov/sitingcases/abengoa/documents/applicant/Attachments_Set_1B_Response/Attachment%20for%20Response%20to%20Item%2060/Monsanto%20Roundup%207071%20MSDS.pdf):

Ingestion may produce irritation of the digestive tract as demonstrated by signs and symptoms of mouth membrane irritation, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. See Toxicology Information, section 11.

Overexposure to spray mist may result in minor irritation of the upper respiratory tract. See Toxicology Information, section 11

So the indication is there might be some effects from Roundup. Did any of your co-workers have similar symptoms?

Is there anything new in your diet, and are you preparing your food properly?

The plant marijuana has as an active component delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC for short) which is certainly a drug, just like foxglove is a plant which contains digitalis which is a drug, and so on. It makes no sense to say “x is not a drug it is a plant” when x contains components that have a significant effect on your body.

Why would the round up wait 10 years to affect your skin? Or am I misreading something?
Edit: How close to starting this organic diet did the stomach pain start?

I did a quick google search on “sweat burning my skin” and it looks like it could be any of a wide variety of things causing the burning sensation, many of which could be diagnosed by a doctor: dry skin, rashes, eczema, soap or makeup on your skin, being allergic to your own sweat due to the histamines being exuded while exercising, rosacea, excessively hot or cold temperatures while you’re sweating, sweat rash, and staph infection combined with seborrheic dermatitis.

Note: Some of these may be bullshit.

Nothing on the first page mentioned Roundup.

Assuming you weren’t standing in the middle of the field while it was being sprayed, I suspect spending your summers in a corn field with the attendant dust, pollen and mold did more damage to your health than whatever the corn was sprayed with.

Are people spraying Roundup on your weed?

Will we hear from O.P. again?

He burned up real good…

No. Monsanto will take care of that. :wink:

I can’t express how tremendously plausible that is coming from someone with your username.

I’m sure it’s prescribed by the very best woo websites!

I have asthma and was cautioned not to smoke anything, including MJ (not that I needed the warning). I’ve heard rumors that THC is a bronchodialator, but I doubt it’s effective if you SMOKE it!

Round-up didn’t exist when I was a teen, so it’s not the cause of my asthma. Oh darn.

Roundup Ready marijuana! What will Monsanto think of next.

I have heard rumors that smoking isn’t the only option for marijuana users.