A Question About Spontaneous Erections (Of the Penis)

I’ve flown quite a bit on airplanes over the course of my 33 years of life. And I’ve noticed that when I’m flying, I tend to get spontaneous erections. I have no idea why. Most of the time, I’m not even thinking about sex. Now obviously, they’re not full erections. But they’re partial ones and I have to really try to stop them from becoming full ones.

Does anyone know why this occurs?

I don’t know why, so I can’t enlighten you…but maybe this is why the “mile high” club first started…better to harness this energy than waste it right? Isn’t that what conservationists tell us? :wink:

Every time the stewardess walks by, right? :stuck_out_tongue:

Vibration? Lower atmospheric pressure?

You know what, I have sort of a similar experience, but riding the train. I commute every morning for about 45 minutes, and at the SAME TIME every single day, just past the Sox 35th stop (in Chicago), I get a hardon. At the same time! It’s so strange. It’s like, after a certain period of sitting on my ass, my peepee decides it’s had enough flacidity. I don’t understand it. And the embarrassing problem is that I have to get off the train soon after it starts. :frowning:

I too am interested in learning the nature of this phenomenon. I get spontatneous erections all the time, no stipulations on when or where. Well, all the time is an exxageration, but it does happen quite often. It’s like puberty, only I’ve gone through it already and I’m too old for this nonsense.

What’s worse is that every now and then, it’s as if my body forgets the actual size of the chambers and pumps more blood than I’m actually able to contain, causing extensive agony to myself. I’m not talking about minor pain, I’m talking about waking me up in the middle of night and keeping me awake.

What is up with that?
Psychopachik Vampire

Never worry about **why **you get an erection. :smiley:

Someday (when you are my age) you will really have something to worry about when you can’t get an erection. :smack:

A friend of mine complained of the same thing on the bus- going up one particular hill would give him an erection every time.

He stopped riding that bus.

Well, I still have 2 years of PE left in High School, and we all have to wear those stupid gym shorts that easily expose you in your excited state. I have to be very careful not to look at the girl’s short shorts or thin t-shirts, because those stupid shorts don’t hide anything…

I used to get sprung by the school bus, and later by the metro bus, in the mornings. I used to contribute the phenom to maybe…hell, I don’t know. Sounds like this is pretty common, though.

I ride the train into work every morning without any problems. Same thing with the subway. So for me, it’s only airplanes. And most stewardesses don’t do it for me. Having to look directly up a woman’s nose is a big turn-off. Yeah, I already know I’m weird.

All my erections have been spontaneous. I do not ever recall having a premeditated erection, planned ahead of time. It just happens for a variety of reasons.

I used to work graveyard shift, and commuted by train. I never got an erection in the evening, on the way to work, but always got one in the morning, on the way home. Go figure.

I’m curious to know whether any women experience spontaneous arrousal too? I mean, their own.

WAG, but could it have something to do with vibration, and subsequent rubbing between clothing and penis?

For those who’ve reported this on trains and busses, is it usually over the same patch of track/ground?