A question about staplers

Every stapler i have ever seen has a little metal plate directly under where the staple is inserted into the paper. Obviously this piece of metal has grooves in it that bend the staple inward… however, this piece of metal also can be flipped around (or slided up and down or moved from side to side) to position two different grooves - which bend the staple OUTWARD.

I have never seen anyone use the ‘outward bending’ grooves, and even if they did use them - what would the reason be? Why would outward-bent staples have any advantage over the common inward-bent staples? Frankly, i would think the outward-bent staples would have a greater frequency of getting stuck to each other and poking one’s fingers.

So, my question is twofold:

  1. What is the purpose of the outward-bending position that every stapler i have ever seen offers?

  2. Since so few people (i have never seen anyone use it - ever) use the outward-bending position on staplers, why do staplers still come with the option of using inward or outward bending staples?
    For some reason this question has been bugging me all day long. I aplogize if cecil has already answered this - i did not find it in the archives. Thanks!

This has been addressed before


"see http://www.calcampus.com/stapler/index.htm
#1 Q)Every stapler I have ever seen in my life (with the exception of those tiny little ones) has a switch to make the tangs on the staples bend in or out. I have yet to figure out what the advantage is to having the staples bend out. More puzzling to me is the fact that all stapler companies seem to feel that this is an important feature of a stapler, but I have yet to meet anybody who uses the bend out option, or even knows why it’s there. So why is the switch on there?

A) This is called the Pinning/Stapling switch. It is located on the anvil. The pinning function is a carryover from the time before staple removers. It makes the staple form a relatively straight form. You can staple two pieces of paper together then pull out the staple. Good for temporary fastening. It’s kind of a paperclip competitor. You can also use it when sewing. Instead of using pins, you just staple. There is also one used on Hotchkisses and some Bates staplers that makes one end go in and one go out. You pull the side with the crimped down staple to get the staple out."

thank you. Now i can sleep tonight :slight_smile: