A question about the meat in my drawers

As I have mentioned elsewhere, I have a new refrigerator. I’ve just bought some chuck roast for this weekend, and I’m suddenly confronted with a kind of Monty Hall problem:

[li]Do I store it in a drawer or just out on one of the shelves? (it’s still wrapped up)[/li][li]If the former, do I put it in one of the two drawers that have “humidity control” or the one that doesn’t?[/li][li]If the former, do I want high humidity or low humidity?[/li][/ul]
I could swear I remember Alton addressing this at some point, but I’m not finished putting together that Good Eats concordance yet.

Oh, thank Og. I thought this was going to be a genitalia question.

Didn’t Alton leave his on the top rack with paper towel over it to ‘dry age’ it? He then cut off the outer edge before preparing it.

I’ve tried that but usually I just leave it on the top shelf.

The Alton dry aging was done in the fridge. It was on a shelf in a box with holes cut into it for air circulation. There may have been ice in a plastic bag at the bottom of the container with holes that was changed out every day or so.

I think that for meat that is being stored for only a few days I would go with what ever is easiest.

Top shelf of the fridge with paper towel over the roast to wick away some moisture. When I did it I just left it in a roasting pan with a rack beneath the roast. Leave it there for three days.

Not looking to dry-age, just store until I cook it tomorrow.

And, Q.E.D., I can’t imagine where you got that idea. :wink:

I agree withgazpacho, put it wherever is easiest.

And, uh, that Good Eats concordance? I want one.