A question about the movie Dead Calm (and a bonus related movie ID question)

I recently watched Dead Calm for the first time and its a pretty good movie, however I have a question. Not being of the nautical ilk I may be way of base here but why, when she had access to the radio, did Nichole Kidman’s character not send out a distress call? After all having a crazy man on board and your husband on a sinking ship probably qualifies.

btw I was certain there was going to be a kink in the ending with Nicole Kidman’s character pregnant again and she’s unsure if the crazy man or good old Sam Neill (who’s blissfully unaware of what she had to do) is really the dad. That would put a bit of stress on any relationship.

bttw they should have had a fight scene at the end between Sam Neill and Billy Zane, using the flare gun resolved things a bit too quickly (nice shot though!)

My bonus question is this, a couple of years ago I caught a few minutes of a very similar movie which I thought was Dead Calm but apparently wasn’t. In the section I saw a woman was overboard from a white yacht in calm seas and attempting to get back onboard, she couldn’t get a grip on the sides so had to pry loose an access hatch with a knife.

Any ideas, my interest is piqued now.

Danke schone!

Radios have a pretty limited range and they were in the middle of nowhere.

So even if she could contact someone, they’d be days away, likely.

VHF radios are effectively line of sight only (slightly more, but not much) and marine channels are incompatible with aviation frequencies, so unless there was another boat near by, no one would have heard her. Would have been worth trying though.

This one? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Open_Water_2:_Adrift

Thanks, I guess I have an unrealistic expectation with all the fancy electronic gadgets that are available these days. Although Dead Calm was only filmed…24 years ago… :eek:

That could be it, thanks!