A Question for any Helicopter Pilots here.

You’re in a helo with the engine running and rotors turning. There is no wind. You’re pointed in the direction you want to fly. Your pedals and cyclic are neutral. You pull on the collective to rise and you level off at an “Out of ground effect hover”. You push the cyclic forward until the rotor disk is tilted forward at, let’s say, 10 degrees and you’re moving forward. And while you do that, you might need to adjust the collective to maintain your altitude.

Here’s my question: Once the rotor disk is tilted at 10 degrees, if you return the cyclic to neutral, will you retain that tilt or will you return to level (and lose your forward velocity)? I never got to see much of the driver’s seat stuff from the back of a UH-1D Slick, and the drivers were too important or busy to talk shop with a grunt.

no. returning the cyclic to a neutral position returns the rotor disk to a neutral position. Sort of like a steering wheel on a car, turn left to go left, return to neutral and car stops going left.