A question for rap fans

Rap really isn’t my thing, but there’s something I’m curious about anyway.
When I’ve seen live rap performances on TV everything seems really different from when I hear a rap song or see a rap video. One of the differences seems to be, at least at some rap performances or concerts, there’s two guys, one on each side of the stage, holding a mic. Their only function seems to be doing things like saying “Tell 'em what your name is.”, or, as the rap song is playing they’ll being standing there going something like “Yeahhh, come on, come on.” or something like that. Or, as the rapper is rapping, as he finishes a line, they’ll say the last word with him.

What are those guys called? Are they just simply known as part of the posse?

Again, although I don’t really listen to rap myself, for some reason, I’m curious. Thanks.

Every rap group is different, but in my experience, most of the time, those guys trade off rapping verses. Sometimes, however, like in the case of Public Enemy, the sidekick (Flavor Flav) serves as more of a mascot (or enfant provocateur,) with occasional rapping duties thrown in. In PE’s case, Chuck D was such a force of nature that they really didn’t need a guy distracting too much from his angry, cutting rants.

But like I said, every group is different.

Those guys are called lucky, lucky bastards.

I have heard Flava Flav being called a “hype man.” A hype man is just there to get the energy of the crowd up more.

The urban dictionary entry for hype man is similar to my definition but not exactly the same, so take what you will.

The semi-anonymous guys at concerts and club venues with limited roles who hype up the crowd or the MC are indeed hype men, who may also be part of the rapper extended “posse.” Flavor Flav being “the greatest hype man in the business” although he’s also a major performer (less powerful than Chuck) in his own right. If the guys are mainstream performers who join in on a rap with another rapper (like, say, Puffy to Biggie or Eminem to D-12) or are major parts of the act (say, Wu Tang Clan) but who have their own verses, they’re just rappers taking turns.

Hype Men are also there to bring groupies up onstage to drop that coochie and dance, so yeah. They are lucky, lucky bastards.

It’s like those guys who used to dance behind Bobby Brown.

You beat me to it… :smack: .

Cool, thanks for the info.