A question for studio/sessions musicians

Let’s say you’re a studio/session player and you are hired to play on someone’s new CD. You take a look at the music and say, “Yeah, I can do this,” but you don’t particularly LIKE the song(s). Can you get past this and do your job and give you 100%? or do you pass?

I’m not a musician, but I’m married to one, and we’ve had this conversation before. IIRC, he says he could do it. I’ve seen him play lots & lots of stuff he doesn’t like, with a few different bands.

Being a musician is a job, regardless of what anyone may think. Sure, it’s one of the more fun jobs that one could have, but it’s a job nonetheless. Everyone encounters sucky stuff on their job. My husband also believes that just because you don’t happen to like the song or the music that you’re playing, that’s no reason to do a crappy job on purpose, either. He’s filled in with lots of bands that play many different types of music (hey, musicians gotta eat too), and he’s absolutely hated some of it. But he’s always busted his behind, because he is a professional, and he doesn’t like to burn his bridges, either. You never know who’s going to know just the right person that could get him that break he needs so badly. :slight_smile:

Not exactly what the OP is asking, but I’ll give my take: I’m in a band, and while I write most of our songs, there are some that other members wrote. I don’t always love them at first, but I’m a team player, so I give them my best.

Quite often, though, I’ll fall in love with a song after adding my element to it with my bass lines.