A question for the golfers here..

When a golfer is lining up his putt…he sometimes hangs his putter up and seems to sight with it.

Just what is he doing?

He’s using it as a plumb-bob, Checking the slope of the ground against the vertical line of the putter.


I often wondered about that.

A pro is checking the slope of the green, but an amateur hacker like me just does it so he looks like he knows what he’s doing.

I even keep my glove when I putt. Another sign of a bad golfer.

Oh BobT, that’s not a sign of bad golfing. :wink: Pros are pretty divided on it. Look at the any of the tour tournaments and you’ll see that a good few keep their glove on. (isn’t it sick how golfers, me included actually check things like that out).

Sparc - putts a solid 30 and lower (with glove on), but just can’t seem to get that damned game off the tee in order. :rolleyes:

Ken Venturi was once asked what he saw when he plumb-bobbed. He said “True Temper”. (the name on the shaft)

On another note, just back from Myrtle Beach and five days of nothing but golf…

I always take my glove off. It doesn’t help my putting but it does help to minimize the annoying golfer tan hand (one hand tanned more than the other). I always get “racoon eyes” from the sunglasses too.

I’m proud of my golf tan! :smiley:

I’m such a bum; I overslept for my 18 this morning, so did the other half of our flight though so at least I didn’t lose face… thank God we did though… I vaguely recall betting 250 Euro on the game after one too many around 3.30 this morning. Maybe we didn’t oversleep by mistake :rolleyes: