a question for those who collect autographs

I’ve never had any interest in collecting any kind of memorabilia, except I’ve always wanted an autograph or autographed photo from one particular astronaut.

I understand there’s an entire universe of people who collect autographs and memorabilia from famous and historical people. I have no idea how to start looking. I don’t expect this to become a lifelong interest or hobby, so I don’t want to buy lots of books that will teach me all the subtleties involved. I’m looking for some basic info or web sites to help me not to get screwed during this one particular purchase.

For example, I did some searching on the web and found an autograph for sale here .
How would I know if this is a reputable site, and that the item was genuine?

Or do you collecting Dopers have certain sources that you always trust?
Or should I stay away from the internet entirely?

All I can offer is this advice: Be aware that the autopgraph ‘industry’ is loaded with fakers! You have to be certain of the piece’s autenticity.

Sports autographs are pretty easy to buy now, as long as you get them on card or item that is certified by a major company like Upper Deck or something (they sell memorabilia direct and they also have tons of certified insert cards with autographs). As for non-sport people, maybe there’s an address that you can send a letter to?

Fraser’s Autographs in London is pricey, but reliable, and I know they have American astronauts’ autographs amongst their lots for sale…