A Question for Trump

Could we make an exception for Shiite Muslims ?

Channelling Trump: “What do you think?”

Answer: “I don’t give a Shiite about any of them!”

We’re gonna have to look at a lot of things.

There’s something going on there. We have to find out what it is.

Does China make and exceptions for the Shiites? No!.. and China is winning folks, they are winning!

Why would you think Trump would make an exception for Iranians, of all people?

“Look, I love Shiite Muslims but there are a lot of bad ones out there that want to destroy this country. We have to ban them. We have no choice. They have tremendous hate for this country. All of my Muslim friends agree with me. Keep out the Shiites.”

And its always Sunni in…no, I can’t. It would be wrong.

That’s not why I ran for president this many times!

There’s a “Shiite/Shitake” joke in there somewhere, but I’m too tired to dig it out.