a question on sauropods

Has their been a determination on whether or not long necked sauropods (brachiosaurus, apatasaurus, etc.) were able to keep their heads up in the air? I am aware of the debate but unaware of any conclusions.

apologies, “Has there…”

The latest conclusions are they they could lift their heads only a little higher than the top of their back. The “classic” pose, like in the old Sinclair Oil logos, was not physically possible, based on the latest models.

It depends on the sauropod. Camarasaurus, for one, was thought to be able to hold its neck almost vertically, while others, such as Apatosaurus are thought to have had much less mobility. Mamenchisaurus is thought to have been able to hold its head up at about a 45-degree angle.

so why did their necks get so long. Seems kind of silly to evolve a long neck to reach food that you could have walked to.