A question only women can answer [labor pain vs kidney stone and other pain]

I’ve always heard that labor is the worst pain that anyone can have. I’ve asked a few women who have had both children and kidney stones and all have said kidney stones were worse. So my question to women who have had both, which is worse, kidney stones or labor?

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Really? Because I’ve never heard it’s the worst pain, just the worst most people these days experience.

I’ve never had kidney stones, but I’ve had a bad concussion. It was worse than childbirth.

I’ve had two kids vaginally - the second one was a nine-pounder born at home. That was not the worst, by far. The worst pain I’ve experienced was a migraine that seriously made me consider suicide. I’m glad I don’t keep guns at home, because I think I would have taken that option. Went to the ER with that one and even whatever they gave me via IV didn’t touch it. Was vomiting and crying for hours.

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I didn’t have any kids, but one woman told me that physical therapy after a third-degree burn was WAAAAAAY more painful than childbirth. She said, “I would rather have 20 babies in a row than go through that again.” It was only a single joint that had to be exercised, too. Can’t imagine having to do that with your whole body.

I’ve experienced both (unmedicated childbirth, large kidney stone). They’re fairly equivalent, I think. I don’t recommend either.

When I was in the hospital for kidney stones the second time, my friend Melissa, visiting me, informed me that (a) i was an idiot for not wanting to go in sooner, and (b) having thrice gone through labor (the last time very bad) and twice had kidney stones, that the latter were worse.

Everyone I’ve talked to says kidney stones are worse. I’ve never had a kidney stone, but a badly sprained ankle with tearing was worse than most of my labor.

Crowning is worse than labor, and worse than my ankle, but it’s over with quickly. I think one reason kidney stone pain is so bad is it can last for days, unlike most labor.

You do NOT want stones, believe me. If I had them again and had to choose between treating them by Vicodin or shotgun, my election would be based solely on which could be delivered more quickly.

I’m not a woman, but I think I’m with George Carlin on this one. Nothing is worse than a swift kick in the balls.

I have heard that men who have experienced both a kidney stone and testicular torsion have said that the former was like a trip to Disneyland compared to the latter. :eek:

I’ve heard cluster headaches (also known as suicide headaches) described as the worst pain you can have.

My aunt, who had three kids, said the worst pain she ever experienced was a ruptured appendix. She told me this after my appendix ruptured. I was in so much pain (and delirious from fever), I wanted to die.

My wife has said that acute pancreatitis is far, far worse than childbirth. Since I haven’t experienced either, I’ll take her word for it.

A friend told me his mom considered gout more painful than childbirth.

I had a kidney stone when I was pregnant one week before having the baby. I’ve also had other kidney stones over the years. The kidney stones were far, far worse than labor. Seriously, not even on the same scale.