A question re: 'You can invite any historical figure to dinner...'

I didn’t know that, but I wouldn’t to either ask questions of BF nor answer them. I wouldn’t want sex with him either. But I would just love to have a long aimless conversation with him. In the course of it I would both ask and answer questions.

I reckon most people, famous or not, would relish the opportunity to tell me all about their lives and their opinions on things. People are generally quite happy to talk about themselves.

I have yet to read any of the rest of the thread except the OP.

I voted Other, although I don’t have any problem with pumping historic figures for information (available for Bar Mitzvahs).

only if i didn’t mind my appetite being utterly destroyed. don’t think i could honestly sit down and break bread with something so evil as hitler and stalin.

Of course not. He’d have a damn near heart-attack when he heard there was a Negro in the White House who wasn’t there to cook dinner!

Dirty jokes with Winston Churchill.

Inviting a couple of Oscar’s would be my choice… either Oscar Wilde or Oscar Levant, or better yet both at once.