A quick meal to impress

I just agreed to make this guy dinner and I’d like to impress him. But my cooking skills are kind of inept to begin with, and he’s going to be here soon. Anyone got any ideas for something that’s looks fancy or at least out of the ordinary, but can be made in about a half hour?

I don’t know what I got myself into!

In a half hour?! Atleast give us a list of available ingredients you have handy! Quickly girl!

Shake -n- Bake™ Pork chops, Stove top ™ Stuffing, Applesauce, Reisling wine, Jello ™ pudding pie with Cool Whip ™ whipped topping for dessert. You’ll spend about 10 minutes preparing and 40 minutes baking this stuff.

I was able to bed several women with this meal.

PS: when he gets there, go shopping together for the ingredients. Feel a lot of melons and hold a lot of bananas. He’ll get a kick out of that.

Thanks for the suggestion NBIT33

I like the idea of taking him shopping with me :slight_smile:

Actually he’ll be here in about an hour, but I figured I’m probaly going to have to go to the store…
I have very little…

Prepare the dessert in advance; put a layer of sliced chocolate cake (swiss rolls are good) in the bottom of a dish, drizzle over some booze of some kind (brandy is nice, but Amaretto, Cointreau, Tia Maria, even whisky will be fine. Add a thick layer of chunky fruit jam, a layer of chocolate-chip cookies very briefly dipped in booze, a layer of (real)whipped cream and grate some dark chocolate on top.
Let it stand in the fridge for at least a couple of hours before serving.

For the main course - keep it simple, pasta is good and fast; put some penne on to boil, then gently fry some chopped bacon (Pancetta if you can get it); when the bacon starts to take colour, add a chopped onion, a finely diced red pepper, a crushed clove of garlic and some chopped herbs (thyme or rosemary or sage etc) - turn the heat down so that it is just cooking very gently. later on, when the pasta is almost done, halve some cherry tomatoes and throw them into the frying pan with the other ingredients; don’t cook them for more than a minute; they should really just be warmed through and starting to soften.
Drain the pasta (add a little olive oil to the pasta after draining, then shake it up with the lid on), season the contents of the frying pan and mix it all together with the pasta; serve it with just some crusty white bread and maybe a little shaved parmesan.

Ah; I didn’t see your last post there about the timeframe, ah well; whatever you do, enjoy it!