A quotation by Me

I gave it a lot of thinking and I found it to be true every time. So, What do you think?

I think you shouldn’t be so shouty.

Other than that, I don’t see your quote as anything meaningful. Truth isn’t a product of thinking, random or otherwise. Truth just IS.

1 = 1 is truth.
1 = 2 is not truth.

Thinking about them won’t change the “truthiness” of either statement.

I guess it depends on what you mean by “thinking”. If “thinking” is merely a set of essentially random neural firings (“My head itches; I like bacon; grass is green; I need to go to the store; how long can I hold my breath; I wonder what’s on TV” etc.), then if the thinker hits upon something demonstrably true, that discovery will have been essentially random.

But if you define “thinking” as a rational process that results in a defensible conclusion – something that is either objectively, demonstrably “true” or something that is subjectively, experientially “true” for the thinker – then the result – truth – is a product of thinking, but is certainly not a random one.

So depending on how you define your terms (“truth” and “thinking”), I think your statement is either nonsensical or wrong.

Define “random”.

never mind

Define “truth”.

And define “thinking”.

Wow, I wish I’d said that.

Well, at least we all know what “product” means.

Yes, but we’ve forgotten the definition of “is” has been put in question by a former president, so…

Truth is like rancid produce. I’m drinking.

You’re drinking rancid produce?

Define “rancid”.

I mean serioiusly. What does it mean?

That’s not bad.

If one defines ‘thinking’ as resulting in logical inferences or deductions, and acknowledges that an individual’s experiences are only a circumstantially limited subset of reality, the quote is both hopeful and cautionary.

To add to j666’s formulation, …

And you also have to define “truth” as an existential epiphenomenon, not as a qualia of reality. In other words, truth is simply an opinion, and does not have separate existence from the opinion-holder.

And once you admit of all that, the OP’s phrase becomes a tautology.

Or in laymen’s terms, pointless drivel.

EverLearner, what does “Truth is a random product of thinking.” even mean?

So… does this mean if we think for a long enough period of time, random things will become true? Because lately I’ve been thinking a lot about acquiring expensive jewellery. :slight_smile: