A rant against ABC's ad for " Don't ignore African Americans" or, " I mock you all&q

In honor of Black History Month, ABC is running a few rather annoying ads.

Is anyone else annoyed by this commercial with this raging black man stating that America would lose it’s flavor and spice if the black community withheld it’s bajillion dollars in spending power and, after listing a few other things that I cannot remember, says, that entertainment and sports would be no where ( or soemthing like that). All I have to say to this is: Well, duh.

We are all spose to work together, not against each other. This raging [insert race] man is really outdated, IMHO. So, 1970’s. The ad is made, I know to generate controversy and that’s fine, but I’d like to see a similar ad by other communities:

Chinese: Your computers would all still be abacuses if not for us. Your shirts not freshly laundered and starched to perfection with methods that are “Ancient Chinese Secret.”

Irish: We gave you St. Paddy’s Day and Guiness. Don’t be pissin’ us off by ignorin’ our drinkin’ power, or we’ll fight ye all with one arm tied behind our back. Yeah, you.

Italians: We gave you the mob, spagetti and Mario Andretti,you ignore us, we’ll hurt you bad: we’ll take back Las Vegas.

Germans:Who else have you been able to mock in the last fifty years on the Silver Screen and TV screen. You ignore us and you’ll see you won’t have us to kick around in our leder hosen anymore, ja!

British: America has virtually ignored us for over 200 years, except in June, July and August, mocked our dental problems and put our monarchy on the front page of People, fercryinoutloud. We gave you the basis of your bleeding Constituion. The Magna Carta does not mean a higher spending limit on your American Express card, you blighter. Ignore our spending power and we shall put a trade ban on you guys stealing any more of our TV show ideas anymore. Ta.

Polish: We’ve been the butt of jokes for so long, that we would have retaliated by witholding kielbasa’s and slowing down production on Punchski’s (sp?), but we’ve been too busy trying to screw in a lightbulb.

Canadian: We are hockey. We are beer. We will join with the Irish in beating you to a pulp, on skates. Oh, and you can have your acid rain back, splinters! ( You guys can have Montreal, however :slight_smile: Hi Matt! )

French: Ignore us and we shall give Jerry Lewis back to you.

Mexicans: If not for hispanics in America, your lawns would be overgrown, your crops not picked. Ignore our spending power and we shall all hop back in our low rider and vamoose.

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Japanese - Two words: Sony Playstation. If it weren’t for us you guys wouldn’t even be a superpower. And you lazy bastards wouldn’t be able to buy quality consumer electronics and reliable automobiles. Keep it up, and we’ll take our cameras, TVs and Hondas and go home.

Ohhh, the Japanese, how could I have forgotten their rant against the oppression.Good one.