A Rather Repellent Repetoire of Risky Rays

We’ve done Fictional Foods and we’ve done Robot Partners and Sidekicks. Now this.

From movies, television, pulp novels, radio, comics, cartoons, etc. – list every ray-gun type weapon, entity and natural phenomenon you can think of, from the Empire’sDeath Star’s turbolasers and main cannon, to Agent Jay’s hand-held and massive recoiling Noisy Cricket.

I don’t recall there ever being a mind control ray.

Adam Strange’s Zeta Beam
Darksied’s Omega Effect/Beam
Dr. Evil’s lunar “laser”

Tom Swift’s Repelatron! One of the most useless hand weapons ever! You had to brace yourself against a wall or something, because it’d knock you on your butt; if your target didn’t get smacked up against his own wall or something, all it’d do is knock him down and shove him along the ground…

Ah, they’re 1920’s style “Death Rays.”

:ducks & runs:

Star Trek’s various phaser guns/rifles

Iron Man’s Reupulsor Rays and Unibeam

Borf’s Infanto-ray (Call me ‘Ace’, huh?)

Well, you wouldn’t… if it had been used on you!


Interesting quote found while googling “mind control ray”: 6 out of 10 americans think Joan of Arc was Noah’s wife.

Brainiac’s shrinking ray and coma ray

Dr. Shrinker’s Shrinking machine

Dr. Szalinski’s Shrink Ray

Gidney and Cloyd’s Scrootch Gun.

Never underestimate the Illudium PU-36 Explosive Space ModulatorKaboom!

Oo, that’s a rather sensible/sober link. To the point tho’.

From Buffy we have the freeze ray used by the Trio and the ray that generates out of Spike’s amulet in the finale.

There’s the "Inertia Projector from the Ronald Reagan vehicle Murder In The Air, thought by some to be Ronnie’s inspiration for the Star Wars missile defense system.

And perhaps the most bizarre ray gun of all, from the 1980 Flash Gordon there’s a ray gun that fires a metal gauntlet to choke its traget, which gauntlet remains attached to the gun by a ray.

Do these count?

BE (Breast Enlargment) Ray
Sex Rays (Flesh Gordon)
Growth Ray
Evolution Ray
Transformation Ray
Cosmic Rays (Fantastic Four)
Gamma Rays (Incredible Hulk)
Laser beam (Concentrated light rays)
Heat Ray (The War Of The Worlds)
Who Rays

“1920’s Style Death” Ray: a guy in a pinstripe suit who goes around killing people with a tommy gun.

In the Golden Age Wonder Woman comics, the Amazons had a “purple healing ray.”

“You can call me ray…”

Goldfinger’s laser
Superman’s heat vision
Cyclops’ eye beams

(Former) Chief Inspector Dreyfuss’ Doomsday Device in Revenge of the Pink Panther

Riff-Raff’s fork shaped laser in The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Don’t forget Ray Romano…

ow! stop hitting me!

runs and hides in the closet

My sincerest apologies if this is out of line, it’s not a ray-gun, per se, but one of my all-time-favorite Saturday Morning Cartoon quotes came from Sam & Max, Freelance Police ™ (only lasted one season…):

“There’s nothing I love better than firing high-powered, unregistered firearms within city limits!”

How about Ronald Ray-Gun.

well somebody had to say it