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Off subject, but …Stem Cell research. It might not affect you now, but in 8 years, when we are 8 years behind, and you get some sort of disease that could be cured through advanced stem cell treatments, it will affect you then.
Also, he is creating a bad precedent of crossing religion and government, and abusing presidential powers. Again, something that may not affect you now, but could in the future.

How exactly does this reflect any credit on Reagan? It happened as his administration was literally only a few hours old. The hostages were probably released due the ongoing efforts of the Carter administration finally breaking through. The alternative is that Reagan’s supporters were secretly negotiating with the Iranians - a scenario which they have always denied because of the implications that they were trying to delay the release of the hostages until the inauguration and were offering the Iranians better terms that the real government was.

The newspapers sure forgot to print that scoop! Maybe every media outlet in the world was really, really mad at the Carter administration or something and all got together to deny the administration credit for miraculously coming to an agreement 12 hours before Reagan took power.

the alternative?

The only person to attest to that theory is a lady who wore a bunny suit, IIRC. No kidding. Look her up. Her sources remain anonymous to this day.

Occam’s razor tells me that the Iranians cut their losses at the last minute rather than face Reagan. Unless the bunny lady has a name this time around…

There’s no statute. The “enemy combatant” designation is based on case law, the 1942 case of Ex Parte Quirin. And, currently, on Bush’s 2001 Military Order, “Detention, Treatment, and Trial of Certain Non-Citizens in the War Against Terrorism.”

What about Reagan would so impress and terrify the Iranians (who, you will recall, think God is on their side…) Was it his raw intellectual candlepower, and towering charisma? His impressive accomplishments? Which were what, exactly? Was Hellcats of the Navy a big hit in Tehran? A cultural thing, perhaps, where his doddering avuncular style is seen by Persians as Vaderish, and darkly threatening?

Probably the same thing that Bush represents that terrifies and impresses the leftists of the world today.

I can’t figure out what terrifies leftists about the Bush administration, but there has been more hyperbole from the day he took office than I have ever witnessed in my life… thus the OP.

Whatever fear possesses people to draw (sometimes literally) parallels of president GW Bush to Hitler is probably the same type of fear that gripped the Iranians.

From Reagan’s Diary:

(entry) Sunday, February 8

Thank you letters for gifts we found on 2nd floor Fri. night. It took entire Sat. morning to open. Just had a call from Al Haig. I had asked that we quietly have Swiss […] tell Iranians if they did not free Mrs. Dryer (Am. woman they had charged with being a spy & imprisoned) we might find it difficult to implement the terms of the Carter hostage agreement. Mrs. Dryer is coming home. She was turned over to the Swiss. Word […] is that last 2 weeks of hostage negotiations were completely dominated by Iranian fear they’d have to negotiate with our admin. I couldn’t be happier.

(end entry)

Take it for what it is worth, but the man was not known for lying. Forgetting, yes. Lying, no. The omitted part was redacted by the NSA.

That’s certainly definitive! After all, who ever tells the Boss what he would love to hear? Simply isn’t done.

You have a copy of the Reagan Diaries? Do you have the one where his actual words are printed in red?

That was intel from the Swiss (the redacted part). I am pretty sure the Swiss had no boss/employee relationship with Reagan.

You telling me that it is possible that someone brought another country’s intel agency into a lie in the first two weeks of the Reagan presidency is a pretty big stretch to discredit the greatest president of the twentieth century.

Speaking of stretches! Dear Og, DevNul, do you really believe that? Honest engine?

By opinion, I do… and Google backs me up anyway if I stand alone otherwise.


What more could you want in a figurehead?

Very little wanting, in terms of an animatronic device, delivering canned platitudes. No, you got me there, if that’s your definition, St. Ronnie is your man.

:dubious: Both Roosevelts were greater presidents. So was Truman. LBJ would be ranked with them if not for Vietnam.

Makes sense, I guess. If Reagan is your Dom Pérignon, Bush must rate at least a pisswarm Korbel. Simple enough to choke down. Might not even need to hold your nose.

If I was one of those people who believed Bush makes things happen, then you might be on to something.

I do not believe Bush controls anything.

I take care to use the word “administration” a lot… even though I slip in discussion every now and again.

Administrations are bigger than one man and their functions are scattered all over the place.

If Bush is a genius for anything it is keeping the (ahem) public eye on him, and not on anyone else.

To put it bluntly, if I ever had a problem with any policy of the USA, I would not be one of these people who puts president GW Bush’s name in the blank. I would show my intelligence, free thought and courage by naming the proper name.

Its hard not to live in awe of the man who brought the invincible Grenadian war machine to its knees.

As a concept I touched upon in my previous post, I seriously doubt that Reagan himself orchestrated that one all by himself.

Nevertheless, it is pretty cool when the USA smacks the crap out of a pro-Marxist government and stop the seeds of such nonsense dead in their tracks.

Imagine the laughs to this day if Coolidge invaded a Munich beer hall to “save the world”.

Have a heart! I can’t even imagine Ronnie as the bestest President evah, how the hell am I gonna imagine Cal Coolidge invading Munich? And with what, pray? Zeppelin borne paratroopers?

Not Munich… just one little beer hall in Munich…at a precise time.

Okay, so you are not much on big picture sort of stuff or history or anything. No sweat.

Have you ever pondered why communism officially failed in 1989?

I’m inclined to agree with PJ O’Rourke, who said it was because no one wanted to buy Bulgarian shoes. But if you want to suggest it is due to the single minded brilliance of a washed up B movie actor, well, this is the place for witnessing, after all…

Abject fear of an imminent Clinton presidency, if I’m understanding correctly the laws of cause and effect as defined thusfar in this fascinating discussion.