"A Rather Thoughful Article by a British Journalist" (sic)

Somebody emailed a copy of “A Rather Thoughful Article by a British Journalist”, an editorial discussing how the rest of the world would view an American election of McCain. I like the sentement.

However, I’m trying to vet this as a real newspaper editorial, as it came to me without identification or reference information. Yet when I run a search on the title, I only get 5 hits, all of which are only discussing the article. I haven’t found a source.

FWIW I realize there’s a “t” missing in the title. When I do a search with the “t” added, I only get a single hit. The misspelled title thus appears original.

Anybody know about this article?

Never mind, another strategy found it.

The editorial was in The Guardian, September 10 2008, by Jonathan Freedland, and its title was “The world’s verdict will be harsh if the US rejects the man it yearns for”.