A Reagan Tribute to End All Tributes

Have you comported yourself in a dignified and solemn manner this week in respect for our dearly departed ex-president? Yes? Good, because that’s all about to change:


Despite it’s lack of monkeys and pirates (or even better, pirate monkeys), everything about this website is perfect. And despite it’s ignorance of the 12th Amendment, this bit nearly made me soil myself:

Does it trouble anyone but me that I think a Zombie Bush would be an improvement?

Great site, Munch! Everybody, be sure to check out the slogans!

Gak! Could they possibly have done a worse job on the graphics? I mean “Zombie Reagan” is just Reagan with a little blood stain too-obviously painted on. I’m no graphics whiz, but then again, I didn’t go through the trouble of constructing a joke web site. If I were to do so, though, I’d at least make it look good in all its elements.

Though I liked the man and some of his policies, I think the bush-zombiereagan.com site needs this playing as background music.

Wo oh oh oh oh, Wo oh oh oh oh - oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh…Zombie, Zombie Reagan. Zombie, Zombie Reagan.