A really good strategy/ civilization game?

I’m a total dorknerd when it comes to computer games. I want a game that. . .well, let me tell you what I really really like. It’s SimCity, and I don’t do the destructive stuff. I’m fascinated by constructing such a complex organism so that it works for everyone and so on.

I don’t want to kill people or animals or things. I want to build things. Is there anything out there for me?

The latest is SimCity Societies, so, uh, why not it?

Thanks for that link. I’m going to check it out, but from that link I couldn’t tell what the actual feel of the city was going to be. I did try The Sims and I hated it because it seemed like a cheap soap opera. I’m not into making people do what I want. I have to confess that I really like SimCity 3000, not the newer version which IMO had a bunch of bells and whistles that didn’t really add to the experience and also was missing some vital controls, and so on.

Preach it, brother.

I’ve heard that SimCity Societies is fun to mess around with, but it’s a not a game; there’s no challenge or a real goal in it.

Check out Civilization IV. With the base settings, war is allowed, but you can turn that off in a “custom” game. It is the grandaddy of all civilization games, and it’ll keep you happy for years. IMO the Civilization series is quite simply the best computer game series ever made.

Pharoah - basically SimCity in ancient Egypt. Several years old, so can probably run on a new calculator these days, but it was the best out of a series (including ones set in Rome, Mythical Greece and China).

Plus you can build pyramids!

Seconded, and I’m sure Lynn Bodoni will back me up on this. Civ4 introduces the religion aspect of civilizations, and actually makes it an advantage to convert other leaders. Along with the spot bonuses you can get for investing very little gold at the right moment, it’s a very enjoyable game.

Plus, I get to surround a rival civ and culturally crush them.

Eww. Not into violence.

In SimCity3000 I really liked watching all the economic indicators, balancing short-term expansion with long-term goals, and generally making the people happy. I never zoomed in to see the cheesy simulated people walking around. I don’t care about anyone’s beliefs. I want something kind of architectural, societal. . . it’s hard to explain.

A few of my friends and I play Norron. It’s an online strategy game, turn-based, and free. No moving graphics. You build your own city in a kingdom of allies vs about 40 other kingdoms. You get your choice of 15 different gods to worship, and you get certain strengths and weaknesses based on your god.

There is “violence” in the sense that cities of different kingdoms can invade each other, but if you play a defensive mindset, you’ll see very little of it. If you want to, you can get into some serious number crunching, determining optimal build times etc. Game cycles last 85 days and we are currently in the midpoint. You can still join and learn the game mechanics and formulate strategies for the next game.

You might like Galactic Civilizations II: Dread Lords, you don’t have to kill stuff if you don’t want to, you can win by spreading your influence throughout the galaxy peacefully.

Actually, it’s generally not a violent process. Your civilization’s borders expand based on your cultural influence. Eventually, if your culture is stronger and more impressive than that of neighboring citizens, they will happily convert to your civ.

It’s about the only way to win that game, since war is so damned hard and unpopular with your civvies.

With that name, that is just wrong.

Oh No! It’s the Dread Lords! They’re canvassing the neighbourhood again with their lets be nice to kittens leaflets!

As I said in my post, you can completely turn off the “war” part of Civ IV by choosing “custom game” and “always peace.” No violence at all with that setting. If you want to go even farther, you can play with no computerized opponents, so you won’t even have to deal with competition for resources. Just build, build, build and make people happy.

Heh, I win via war all the time. It’s not THAT hard or unpopular, if you choose the right government model and pacify your civvies correctly.

In the Civ 4 expansion pack Beyond The Sword, corporations have been added to function in a similar manner to religion later in the game - it is a great addition.

I played a railroad game some five years ago -lay rails, build stations, make money from cargo. No violence, just strategy. It was great fun, quite similar to SimCity. I tried googling “railroad tycoon” and the top result was this. It’s not the game I played, but maybe it meets your criteria?

Thanks but that’s not it either. Judging from the responses what I want isn’t out there. WAAAAAA

sounds like you want “Settlers of Cataan”, only on computer

Oh? Check out these qoutes from the Wikipedia article on my suggestion.

ETA: Just because you develop a technology doesn’t mean you use it on anyone. You can opt to share it, and win popularity though.