A remarkable piece on CNN by George Wallace's daughter


I hated Wallace growing up. I know there are some cynics that say he was a political chameleon to the end, but I honestly think he changed for the better in his later life. There are comments attached to the story from some African-Americans who knew George later, and they too believe that his change was heartfelt.

Anyway, it’s a beautiful little piece, and one that is very Southern.

I guess I missed the remarkable part. That the daughter of a bigot isn’t herself a bigot like her father? I kept waiting for her to describe his epiphany, but she never did. Why should he be redeemed? Sounds like a little girl who idolized her father and wishes he had a better legacy than he will. Nothing she wrote in that article moved me. Perhaps you could point me to some other essay on Wallace’s later life that could shed some light.

I don’t know whether you’re unfamiliar with the circumstances surrounding Wallace, or if you’re simply being cynical, but here’s a short excerpt from the Wiki article on GCW:

And one a bit longer:


And another:


Wow. Color me educated.

In Wallace’s first run for governor, he spoke against the KKK and was endorsed by the NAACP.

When he lost, he vowed that he would never be “outniggered” again. He wasn’t kidding.

So he transferred his hate from blacks to gays. Not really an improvement, I’d say.

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That is not necessarily the case. While an unfortunate number of born-again Christians suffer from homophobia, it is not a requirement to call yourself so. Born-again is sometimes a shorthand for Evangelical Christian, a designation that includes Billy Graham (generally considered 'one of the good ‘uns’) and Tammy Fay Messner (who, despite her definitely not-squeaky-clean televangelist days, was very proudly a gay icon and seemed more daft than hateful).