A request for help, monetary or otherwise

I’m just surprised to hear you say there are no openings in technical writing for electronics - that’s my field. All those TV operating manuals don’t write themselves.

I have an idea for a webcomic, if that’s any help: its called Badly Drawn Rabbits Talk Wryly About Steve Jobs And Shit. Seriously, it could be huge.

Are you just going to copy XKCD and give the stick figures ears? If so, I’m in.

Check your PM, Sunspace. Glad I could help.

No, but I do know someone who can draw really shitty rabbits.

Lamar Mundane, the ebooks would be a ‘nice to have’. But the web-programming skills behind them should improve my employability even if I never make an ebook. I have seen so many “tech writing” jobs that demand online programming skills… I had one employment agent practically begging me to have had some websites in my portfolio.

Morgyn, my pre-writing experience is as an electronics engineering technologist. I am not an engineer; that would have been four years at university instead of three years at college. But I have built and repaired electronics. Though not recently. I can PM a resume if you’d like… :wink:

Thank you, Maastricht.

You can learn Web development without college. Everyone I know that does it professionally (including myself) learned it on their own. All of the tools are free, or less than $1200 (if you absolutely must use Dreamweaver, which you shouldn’t), and there is an overabundance of free information about it online. Any question you could ever ask a professor you could Google and get answered in minutes. If you need a Web portfolio you just come up with an idea and build a Web site for it. You’ve got time.