A retarded ELECTRICAL question

In regards to saving money…
In my bathroom the light fixture has six sockets for bulbs…

Am I saving money by leaving 4 of these sockets empty?

I assume if I stuck my finger in the sockets I’d be dead or wish I was… since there is electricity there… so, am just wasting money by leaving it empty or will I waste even more money by inserting bulbs I really dont need…???


The cost to run the lamp fixture is related to the total wattage of the bulbs in it. If you have 6 100 watt bulbs installed it will cost more to run than having 2 100 watt bulbs. The empty sockets draw zero power (or nearly so. There is leakage through the air, but it’s on the order of nanowatts.)

Just put dead bulbs (or slightly unscrew good bulbs) so you won’t be tempted to jam your finger in there when you get out of the shower.

empty socket draws absolutely no power. a bulb draws whatever its rating ( unless its burnt, then it also draws no power ).

Or put six lower-wattage bulbs – six 40W bulbs instead of six 100W bulbs.

Or replace one of them with a compact fluourescent bulb.

[trying to be funny]

Or turn off all the lights in your house and leave them off all the time. Pretend you’re blind, and learn to navigate by feel.

[/trying to be funny]

I replied earlier, but it never showed up…

Thanks y’all…

I will probably keep the burnt bulbs in the sockets, that way the fixtures wont look quiet so pitiful…