A role model for us all.

This man clothed himself in THE GLORY OF BACON, and won a mighty victory!!!

We could all learn from his example.

Tragically, mere seconds after this photograph was taken, the author was killed by a pack of feral dogs. His dying words were “Live fast. Die young. Leave a greasy corpse.”

Arguably the best hamburgers in Bangkok are at the Firehouse, owned by an American lawyer from Hawaii who is based in Tokyo. It’s not up on the website yet, but they’ve just introduced The Baconist, a burger with a 180-gram patty made half of beef and half of bacon.

Another hero in the bacon wars.

There’s a place in Milwaukee called Moe’s that has a burger with a half pound patty, half a pound of corned beef, and half a pound of bacon, IIRC. Damn near killed me but I would have died happy.