A sad update on the boob-bikini-Bali thread

Some time ago [thread=484266]this thread by Duckster[/thread] raised the possibility that an anti-pornography bill would be passed in Indonesia. That bill had been kicking around for a while, and there is a lot of opposition to it by artists and intellectuals (as well as those with business interests in Bali, who fear what it will do to the tourist trade). Like many people, I was fairly sure it would remain a threat, but never actually pass.

Today, it passed.

link here

It’s a sad day here. I didn’t think they’d really do it. But we’re coming up on an election year, and things are getting a bit funny here. There is also an increasingly strong nationalist movement and the government is busy erecting a “great wall” to keep out foreign products - worrying everyone from hotel executives who don’t know how they will maintain standards in their restaurants to industries concerned about getting the machine parts they need to keep up production to expatriate parents wondering how they will keep their kids fed nutritiously when western staples like whole wheat flour or cheese are hard to get.

Sigh. We can only hope the anti-porn law will not really be enforced.

What’s your take on how this will affect local crime?