A scenario... [universal beauty of Niagara Falls]

This is a scenario I’ve been thinking about today.

What if everyone in the world (older than an infant) including every country and those living in very remote areas in the jungle or the arctic, all had individual access at different times to a house with a rear balcony that DIRECTLY overlooked Niagara Falls.

In this scenario the front of the house looks like a normal neighborhood and there’s no technical need to go to the rear balcony other than to fill curiosity. All of the commercial buildings and tourists and paved areas around Niagara Falls are gone and it’s pure rugged nature.

The blind are able to see on the rear balcony as well people with severe mental issues can provide a coherent answer on the rear balcony.

There would also be a dial to turn off the sound of Niagara Falls or turn the volume down so living in the house besides the rear balcony would be like a normal neighborhood.

Because of facts and opinions there should be someone out there that doesn’t care that Niagara Falls is directly behind the house. That it might as well be an active construction site.

It’s supposed to be an opinion whether Niagara Falls is good looking or beautiful even if it’s a national landmark for both the US and Canada.

For it to be an opinion there has to be somebody out there that wouldn’t care. How could that person exist? Unless someone was lying to themselves just to be a rebel. There would also have to be a lie detector test after the stay at the house to get the most honest answer from everyone as possible.

Someone being dead or alive is just as much of a fact as Niagara Falls looking good or beautiful.

Yes. No. Probably? 42?

I’m really not understanding the question, though I think that the OP may have recently found some interesting herbal products.

Yeah, well, that’s just, like, your opinion, man.

There must be somebody dead or alive on the balcony who doesn’t care if it’s a fact or an opinion, even if they are just lying to themselves.

Take this song but cross out all of the "front porch"s and replace them with "view of Niagra Falls"s.

I’m fluent in Bong-ese.

I think what the OP is asking is: “If everyone on the entire planet thinks NFs is beautiful, is it a FACT the NF is beautiful? Or is it still subjectively beautiful?”

I’ve pondered this myself actually.

Niagara Falls is very pretty.

I want my 5 minutes back.

I give up. What do you think?

Rio by Duran Duran.

I would have guessed a much more recent “Join Date.”

I wouldn’t want it there, I don’t like rushing/dark water. So that’s 1.


I wouldn’t want it. I’d have to pee all the time.

It’s pretty, but I’d be worried about erosion.

Can you even get flood insurance? Don’t think so. I’m not one of the regular peeps of the world anyway. No matter how far in the boonies I live. It just seems like I’m normal;)

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Forget Niagara Falls. Let’s talk about Mooney Falls instead.

I speak weed and that’s probably the first thing that would come to my mind too.

Pretty slow at the moment.

Yeah, I forgot about peeing… To add a bit, I have seen the falls once from a distance. I had no desire to get closer and absolutely to reason to ever want to go there again.